Trade without conducting a thorough market research and development and only through unsolicited orders or through primary market research methods might not live up to the exporters’ expectations because of the former being fleeting not long -lasting and the latter being costly or time- consuming.

In order to abolish the above stated problems and to give its clients a better and more technical perception of international markets, Globex delivers below services as for market research and development:

  • Product Identification Through HS Code, at 2,4,6 Digit Levels or at National Tariff Line Level
  • Service Identification through EBOPS
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Assessment of Trade Indicators in Available International Markets
  • Available Markets Appraisal in terms of Quantity Imported, Exported and Produced Domestically
  • Evaluation of Potential Target Markets as to Their Growth Rates, Tariff and Non-tariff Measures, Including Applied Tariffs, Specific Tariffs, AVEs, MFN Tariffs, Preferential Tariffs and Bound Tariffs, to Establish Long-term Exports Plans
  • Recognition of Declining versus Growing Markets and Traditional versus Modern Markets as well as Strategies to Penetrate Them
  • Marketing and Identifying Distributing Channels and Rivals
  • Training Distributors on how to Do a Proper Marketing Consistent with the Type of the Product
  • Transaction – creating Activities
  • Transaction – fulfillment Activities