Times change, needs change, people change and memories fade. Therefore, when making a business deal, it is vital to memorialize the terms in writing. A well-drafted written contract preserves the understanding of the parties as for their rights and obligations, spells out who gets what benefits for what cost and sets up a mechanism as to how the contract can be ended and under what circumstances.

Globex enjoying its CPCMs, one of whom is its CEO, is capable of providing a blueprint for its clients in each stage of their transactions so that they could design each section of their contracts internationally accepted and defensible in international court hearings/proceedings.

What differentiates Globex in this field is the proficiency of its team in the following, which enables its clients to be their own lawyers in solving their own legal problems:

  • Application of English Contract Vocabularies
  • ADR
  • Common Law versus Civil Law
  • The Structure of English Contracts
  • Operative Language and Boilerplates in Contracts
  • Warranties / Guarantees
  • Legal Consequences
  • Types of Damages and Awards
  • English Contracts Writing Principles